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Financial Services

Our customers rely on us for advice on all of their banking needs – and it’s our job to provide the advice, services and solutions to help them achieve their financial goals. Our Financial Services professionals develop and maintain deep customer relationships, helping grow the TD business.

They understand our customers and offer the right products and solutions, from new accounts and credit products to investment advice and mortgage loans. Through ongoing internal training and personal coaching, we help our Financial Services professionals stay on top of the latest in the industry.

This team thrives on challenge, working hard to meet – and exceed – individual and team-based business goals. By understanding our customers’ personal and small business banking needs and delivering the right solutions, this team creates an excellent experience for our customers – and a legendary career for themselves

Why TD? Explore a retail career at TD Bank.
How is TD helping you achieve your career goals?
Sonia Sandu, Customer Services Representative says “I’m currently studying for my financial services exams because I want to pursue a further career in TD and my management is very encouraging. And they’re even helping me study, which is awesome!”
Afsoon Tabibi, Financial Advisor, says “So definitely TD inspires me to grow, learn, and reach my career goals”.
What is the best part of your job?
Mike Healy, Branch Manager says “The great thing about working in a branch environment is that no day is the same. I have a game plan going into each day, but five or six things might come and change the course of that day. So each day is a new day, working at the branch”.
Aisha Mailk, Branch Manager Trainee, says “The absolute best part of my job is when I have the opportunity to meet a customer, and I have the opportunity to hear them tell me how amazing my team has been with them”.
How does TD support you outside of work?
Mike Healy says “For TD I couldn’t ask for a better work-life balance. The extended hours at the branch allow me to have a flexible schedule when it comes to my family”.
Afsoon Tabibi says “I have twin toddler girls at home, so you can only imagine my life is quite busy. But TD really helps support me in that work-life balance. They’ve helped me find roles that will keep me close to home, and they helped give me the flexibility in my hours so that I can be there for my kids and still focus on being a great manager”.
What does leadership at TD mean to you?
Mike Healy says “Leadership at TD Canada Trust means a few different things to me. First off, it’s having a vision and goals for the bank and then helping your employees achieve those goals, both professionally and personally. And secondly, a big part of leadership at TD is leading by example”.
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